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一組5包, 一包50ml. 適合每天早晨喝一包. 一週份量. 

使用英國飼養的放山土雞, 完全無添加, 無一滴水. 全雞長時間滴取而成, 最完全的純雞精華. 香醇濃郁口感滑順, 並加入少許枸杞紅棗更增添補氣養生功能, 對抗疲勞、修復元氣、增強體力、補充營養. 

適合孕婦、產婦、用腦族、上班族、學生、健身者. 全家大小都適用.


5 packs in a set. Consume once a day in the morning. 

Use only UK Free range chicken, no artificial additives, no water. Pure drops of chicken essence with goji berry and red dates by hours.

Main feature: Help to restore and strengthen body energy, replenish nutrients and fight off fatigue.

Suitable for pregnant women, parturients, office workers, students, fitness people. 


Chicken Essence 滴雞精+雞肉鬆

  • Free range whole chicken, goji berry, red date.

    整隻土雞, 紅棗, 枸杞

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