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Anti the Flow, Toward the Goal - Ni Fon Kitchen ( aka NFK ). 逆風堂 Taiwanese cuisine | Since 2015


Ni Fon Kitchen presents you the tasty Taiwanese stew food and home dishes which deliver the spirits of NFK. 

No MSG, reduced salt and sugar. Tasty and healthy is the key of the NFK food.

What's Taiwanese Stew dishes?

Taiwanese Stew is a hourly braised food with beef, pork, chicken and vegetables which you can find anywhere in Taiwan's street market. To prepare a beautiful stew food, Ni Fon Kitchen spends hours to prepared and cooked with unique Taiwanese herb, spices and sauce. The aroma of the spice well aborted by meat and tofu.

What's the special of NFK Dumpling?

Handmade dumplings bring the texture of handcraft food. Well seasoned stuffing wrapped by the Taiwanese dumpling pastry, generous volume of fillings save your and your family's stomach. Easy cook and healthy dumpling is the best choice of your lunch or dinner while WFH.

What is NFK Home cooking?

A traditional receipt of Taiwanese home dishes which taste like mum's cooking. Red braised pork belly and Taiwanese pickled cabbage recall your memory of everyday dishes from local café. Drunken chicken is a delicate dishes cooked by boneless chicken legs with Goji berry, red-date, and astragalus. then immerse in hua tiao wine (cooking wine) over 24 hours in the fridge before served. 


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