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最傳統的台式早餐就是稀飯(粥)配肉鬆,  想念家鄉的味道, 就是早晨來一碗熱呼呼的稀飯配上肉鬆. 逆風堂雞肉鬆完全沒有人工添加, 只有簡單的糖與台灣醬油調味, 長時間翻炒烘烤, 鮮甜健康. 加上海苔與白芝麻, 不論是早餐或是宵夜, 一份清粥小菜, 帶你一秒回到童年時光.


Classic traditional Taiwanese breakfast is congee with meat floss. This chicken floss is totally natural without any additional ingridents. Simply add a bit of sugar and Taiwan soya sauce to bring up the sweetness favuor.  A bowl of hot congee with chicken floss will bring you all memory of childhood in Taiwan. 


Chicken Floss 雞肉鬆

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  • Free range whole chicken, seaweed, white sesame seed, sugar, soya sauce, chicken fat.

    整隻土雞肉, 海苔, 白芝麻, 糖, 台灣醬油, 雞油

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