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嚴選20隻有機雞腿雞骨, 數小時細火高壓慢熬, 萃取雞骨中的營養精華, 層層過濾3次, 去除多餘油質, 只留下富含膠質的金黃高湯, 口感濃郁不油膩, 滿滿膠原蛋白及養分, 直接加熱飲用或入菜煮湯煮飯都是健康滿點. 為您省下冬天熬湯的時間與成本, 全家能量瞬間補滿補好!


Hourly slow cooked with 20 chicken legs with bone to extract the best nutrition into a broth soup. After filtering 3 times, the golden colour broth has no unwanted fat but collagen which is perfect for skin and joint. The rich but light taste broth can be used for cooking soup, meal or risotto. It is an energy saved product for this winter to recharge the whole family and yourself. 

Chicken Bone Broth 熬雞骨高湯

680 Grams
Out of Stock
  • Free range whole chicken leg and bones, water

    20隻雞腿, 雞骨, 水

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